Anshuman Ray Chairman

We are an independent professionally owned financial services conglomerate with offices in the US and in key emerging markets in Asia and the Middle East.

We are incidentally Asia’s oldest independently owned foreign institutional investor (FII) only focused investment advisory business.

In these tumultuous nine years post the GFC we have built an iron clad advisory franchise where thanks entirely to our clients we have time and again punched above our weight.

Be it land mark transactions in emerging market consumer private equity or the largest secondary market blocks in respective markets we have had the good fortune to be part of each thanks to our unflinching focus on trusted relationship building and value addition.

Our verticals run the entire gamut of specialized advisory services ranging from our capital market and financial sponsor clients investing in key emerging markets to highly successful hedge fund general partners, families, family offices and closely held businesses seeking sophisticated business and estate planning.

We strive to be relationship oriented, multi disciplinary knowledge gluttons deeply ordained in technology with the singular focus of being a missionary firm striving value addition of an order usually not contemplated or considered practical by most of our peers.

As a result, in addition to our advisory services our group’s synergistic remit drives us to offer ongoing value to clients for their key processes.

Be it hedge fund shadow accounting or family office services or Finance KPO and Development services for portfolio companies undergoing restructuring and rationalization, our Strategic Outsourcing and Development Services business delivers our clients an ongoing value proposition across their finance, accounting and technology stacks.

Our colleagues, advisors and strategic alliance partners are experts with deep operational expertise, in some cases honed over multiple decades.

Consequently whether it be our M&A or ECM advisory for financial sponsors, institutions or corporate clients, or be it our advanced insurance and estate planning businesses, the level of rigor we bring is unmatched, driving repeat engagements.

We believe that history doesn’t repeat but rather rhymes. Hence, despite being around in our respective businesses on an average close to three decades we believe in humility.

Having seen most of it, be it the crash of ‘87 or the Asian Financial Crisis or more recently the sub prime crisis, and navigated the EM boom and the decade of prosperity in the US, we are especially sensitive to the need to understand and recalibrate our advice to an ever changing landscape.

We recognize the need for humility by keeping our ears to the ground. Consequently, it is equally energizing to win a deal as it is to bolster our understanding of businesses, risk reward and structuring financial solutions.

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